Welcome, I am Alicia Rose.

I am a spiritualist, artist, and adventurer. My specialties are past life regression, animal communication, yoga instruction, Reiki (energy) practice, and future representations.

I am a wanderlust.



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Give me a shout out, take a yoga class, or just catch up – whatever you please contact me and we’ll make it happen. Ingenuity in action creates a better community.

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A collection of thoughts..

Infatuation and

My mania gets the best of me. Maybe it’s illusion. Maybe you love me…. Maybe neither of us will say that. Maybe it’s just infatuation and neither of us will admit it. Maybe we’re just friends. I feel more. I’m not sure what you feel.


I am fine. I am alive. I feel fine. I can drive. I know all these things that I tell the others. The facade that i carry which  lies beneath another. Lives buried under lies. The truth hides. It comes out every so often to tell that I have let it fall too deeply. I …

The other day, Someone asked me about something that led to words describing my being. I heard myself udder a loss of life and quickly I wandered into a desire to die. I love you so dearly and I’ve seen the ceremonies where everyone shares all the memories. I want to shiver and yet I …

Good ventures.