Welcome, I am Alicia Rose.

I am a spiritualist, artist, and adventurer. My specialties are past life regression, animal communication, yoga instruction, Reiki (energy) practice, and future representations.

I am a wanderlust.



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Give me a shout out, take a yoga class, or just catch up – whatever you please contact me and we’ll make it happen. Ingenuity in action creates a better community.

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A collection of thoughts..


The sky is gray. Not in clouds, simply the dusk of a clear day. The sun was out and it was hot. I crippled into an emotional insanity earlier that day. Unable to feel anything more than pure anxiety, I called a friend. We ignored the absence of physicality. We understood the truth of insanity. …

Flipping coins

Finding time for divine. I spend most my days wondering what another life would feel like. My best friends are gone. We all wander like electrons about this earth. Connected by bits of fancy plastics, will we be together again? What used to happen. We cared and were ready to jump. Now there’s so many …

Good ventures.