Welcome, I am Alicia Rose.

I am a spiritualist, artist, and adventurer. My specialties are past life regression, animal communication, yoga instruction, Reiki (energy) practice, and future representations.

I am a wanderlust.



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A collection of thoughts..

The other day, Someone asked me about something that led to words describing my being. I heard myself udder a loss of life and quickly I wandered into a desire to die. I love you so dearly and I’ve seen the ceremonies where everyone shares all the memories. I want to shiver and yet I …


The sky is gray. Not in clouds, simply the dusk of a clear day. The sun was out and it was hot. I crippled into an emotional insanity earlier that day. Unable to feel anything more than pure anxiety, I called a friend. We ignored the absence of physicality. We understood the truth of insanity. …

Good ventures.